20 of the Best Scented Candles Online Right Now

From florals to citrus, you're sure to find the perfect fragrance for you.


It's no secret that fragrant candles—a decorative accent beloved by top designers—can have an impact on your mood and the aesthetic of your home. It probably took you years of tireless searching to find your signature scent, leaving you with pockets full of perfume test strips and an obnoxious cloud of fragrance hovering overhead. But finally, there it was: the perfect fragrance. It embodies your style and personality, and odds are, you just don't feel right leaving the house without it.

Your space also deserves its own glorious scent that showcases the deliciously welcoming feeling only your own home can have. From warm and cozy to clean and refreshing, these are 20 of the best-smelling candles , one of which may just be waiting to become your space-defining scent.

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Smells Like: A Bowl of Fresh Fruit

Inspired by Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake," this hand-poured wax candle will fill your home with the scent of pomegranate, stone fruits, and a hint of spiced pink pepper.

$60, Odette Candle, MatchesFashion.com

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Nomad Noé
Smells Like: Crisp Sea Air Mixed with Warm Coconuts

Nomad Noé's founder, Corentin Hamon, was inspired to launch a candle line after years of living abroad in 12 countries. His collection features five stylishly packaged candles that pay homage to historical figures and showcase his appreciation for diverse cultures. What's one of the best scents? Pioneer in Tasmania, which boasts an alluring combination of sea salt and coconuts.

$65, Pioneer Candle, Nomad Noé

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Smells Like: Freshly-Picked Flowers

If you're partial to floral scents, LAFCO's Fresh Cut Gardenia candle is perfect for you. Packaged in a handblown glass vessel that's pretty enough to reuse, this candle features an irresistible blend of gardenias and green leaves.

$65, Fresh Cut Gardenia Candle, LAFCO

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Smells Like: Coconut Groves in Mexico

Live for the scent of coconut? Look no further than this candle that draws inspiration from the coconut groves of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula.

$90, Coqui Coqui Candle, Net-a-Porter

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One Kings Lane
Smells Like: A Walk Through a Rainforest

If you love nothing more than being in nature, consider Ngala Trading's African Rainforest Candle, which features a striking ceramic egg-shaped vessel. Its alluring scent—a combination of white blossoms and spice—will make your space feel more welcoming in an instant.

$225, African Rainforest Candle, Avoova Egg Candle via One Kings Lane

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Smells Like: Your Favorite Mojito Recipe

What's not to love about a candle that boasts the scent of a popular cocktail? Malin + Goetz's Mojito Candle is exactly what you'd expect—a long-lasting fragrance pairing of citrus and mint that's perfect for just about any season.

$55, Mojito Candle, Malin + Goetz via Bloomingdale's

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Neiman Marcus
Smells Like: The Nectar of a Tuberose Mixed with Nutmeg

The late Harper’s Bazaar editor and Vogue editor in chief Diana Vreeland was known for her impeccable fashion sense. Now, you can infuse a dose of her style into your own abode, thanks to this tuberose scented candle that's layered with nutmeg.

$90, Diana Vreeland Simply Divine Candle, Neiman Marcus

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Pamela Love
Smells Like: Baking With Peaches

Only a jewelry designer would think to add details as intricate as carved constellations on a porcelain candle holder. The citrusy smell and gorgeous muted pink color are courtesy of the peach wax base.

$88, Rise Porcelain Candle, Pamela Love

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Jonathan Adler
Smells Like: Wandering A Secret Garden

After you've finished burning this crisp floral candle (sad!), the porcelain holder can be used to plant succulents (not so sad!).

$78, Muse Blanc Ceramic Candle, Jonathan Adler

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D.S. & Durga
Smells Like: Drinking Tea In 1920s Bohemian Paris

Brooklyn's own D.S. & Durga is passionate about using scents to world-build. Their Spirit Lamp candle, with notes of hot metal, coconut milk, and radiant musk, transports you to another sexy, bohemian reality.

$65, Spirit Lamp, D.S. & Durga

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Smells Like: Sniffing Flowers In Central Park

This handcrafted candle is inspired by Central Park and its fascinating botanical history, smelling of hyacinth leaves, jasmine, and white cedar.

$80, Foxglove Scented Candle, JOYA

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best smelling candles
Smells Like: A Fireside Evening

The newest scent from cult-favorite Byredo, Safran envelopes you with its rich notes of black pepper, patchouli, vanilla, and of course, fresh saffron.

$85, Safran Scented Candle, Byredo

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Sunday Forever
Smells Like: Glamping With Your Friends

A collaboration between Sunday Forever (a Brooklyn-based candle company) and the Bari Studio (a trendy workout spot in Manhattan), the Tribe Candle smells just as outdoorsy and energized as you'd hope—without even breaking a sweat!

$48, Tribe Candle, Sunday Forever x The Bari Studio

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The Sphinx & The Priestess
Smells Like: A Moonlight Walk

The Sphinx & The Priestess is an occult lifestyle company that creates candles inspired by Tarot cards. The Lovers candle, which has alluring notes like bitter citrus and dark wood, is intended for ritual use, to manifest balance in your life, be it romantically or with self-love.

$55, The Lovers Candle, The Sphinx & The Priestess

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Smells Like: A Spa In The Middle Of The Jungle

Simple and clean with notes of lychee, oak moss, and musk, this sleek white candle is as refreshing as its design.

$75, Ultra Rose Candle, EX NIHILO

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Smells Like: A Bedroom That Doubles As A *Sanctuary*

This pretty pink candle is a collaboration between NYC-based JOYA and ceramic artist Sarah Cihat. When you've finished obsessing over how cute the vessel is, take in gorgeous notes of wild mint, geraniums, and roses.

$28, Prism Candle, Joya

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Smells Like: Buying A Bouquet Of Flowers In The Winter

A petite version of an old favorite, this mini Fleur Fantôme by Byredo smells just as lovely as it looks. It draws inspiration from cozying up for wintertime in Sweden, all while fantasizing about blooming flowers.

$43, Fleur Fantôme Candle, Byredo

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Smells Like: An Australian Summer

La Plage, French for "the beach," this summery scent evokes the long, blissful days spent in the surf and on the sand in Australia. An added bonus? The gorgeous packaging is designed by Danish artist Christiane Spansberg.

$69, La Plage Candle, Maison Balzac x Matteau

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Odin New York
Smells Like: Spring Fruits And Flowers Mixed With Smoky Bourbon

Who knew one of fashion's favorite concept shops could do home fragrances so well? Light this all-black candle and your home will smell like a yummy combo of honeyed orange flower, budding pear flower, and smoky bourbon.

$70, Posala Candle, ODIN NEW YORK

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Smells Like: A Walk Through The Streets Of Salzburg

Inspired by Salzburg, Austria, this scent embodies the city's storied past, crisp air, and fairytale-like scenery.

$175, Gold Fluted Scented Candle, AERIN

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