15 Indoor Flower Pots That Will Take Your Plants To The Next Level

As the sun moves, #5 (a rolling flower pot!) moves with it.

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West Elm/Williams Sonoma

Whether you're looking for a planter that's beautiful, quirky, or even tech-savvy, we've got it all. Your plants will never crave sunlight, drown in water, or look bland again thanks to these smart containers.

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cube flower pot
Boskke Cube Planter


All you have to do to see if your flower is thirsty is take a peek inside the Boskke Cube. The see-through walls allow you to judge the water levels — and also show off its unique root system.

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flower pot
Floating Levitating Plant Pot


No, it's not magic. These zero-gravity growing systems, called LYFE, let you cultivate your plants in the middle of the air with the help of a magnetic levitation system.

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flower pot
LISIMKE Music Flower Pot


When you touch your plant inside of this pot, piano music will start playing — or you can switch it to bluetooth to play your favorite band.

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flower pot west elm
West Elm
Mid-Century Turned Leg Tabletop Planters

$29 and up

This mid-century modern planter was inspired by the clean silhouettes of the '50s and '60s and will look striking when planked in front of a neutral wall

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flower pot
Voltasol Rolling Flower Pot

$84 and up

This swiveling planter, called the Voltasol, is the solution to droopy blooms. As the sun moves, the pot moves with it, offering optimal light exposure.

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flower pots
Williams Sonoma
Copper Flower Pots

$40 and more

Copper is having a serious moment right now, which is why these classic containers with a metallic finish will steal the show on your windowsill.

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flower pot
Back to the Roots
Back to the Roots Water Garden


Who needs fertilizer when you have fish? Not these plants, which grow on top of a tank. Stick it in your kitchen and plant basil and mint for a truly epic herb garden.

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flower pots
Joss & Main
Ahearn II Earthenware Pot Planter with Saucer


If you want the look of an antique planter, but the quality of a new, sturdy one, this rustic design is your best bet. The matching saucer makes water spill-over a breeze to clean up.

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flower pot
Bath Tub Clay Pot Planter


If you're looking for a quirky gift or addition to your desk, this clay bath tub (which was made in Honduras) is clever and useful.

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flower pot
Daniel Pouzet/Uncommon Goods
Ambienta Grow Lamp


Half light, half pot, this modern design puts plants first. It has a hydroponic technology in the lamp, which creates a water-efficient environment for a variety of herbs or flowers.

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flower pot
Joss & Main
Ceramic Pot Planter Set

$54 for 3 pots

It's okay if flowering plants isn't your thing. Use these ceramic planters with colorful bases to brighten up your home, no matter what's inside of them.

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flower pot
Shop217Designs on Etsy
I Will Survive Pot


Sometimes, humor is the best medicine, especially if you've killed a plant or two in your time. This pot is made with a water-proof sealant so you can show off your efforts (and your humor) inside or out.

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flower pot
Fold Pot
Grow With the Plant

Contact for prices

This flexible silicone planter, called Fold Pot, is simple, but smart. As your plant grows, so can your pot — so you can take plants from seedling to mature greens without re-potting.

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flower pot
We Love Eames
Mygdal Plantlamp

Contact for prices

No sunlight, no problem. The Mygdal Plantlamp gives off rays so you can grow flowers in even the darkest corner of your house.

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flower pot
Scott Henderson Design
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flower pot
Scott Henderson Design
Eleplanter Self-Watering Planter


Adorable? Check. Self-sufficient? Check! Pour water into the elephant's funnel-like trunk to provide a week's worth of hydration.

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