The 20 Best Wall Planters For Outdoor And Indoor House Plants

For when you run out of space everywhere else.

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If every inch of your floor and garden grounds are already covered in plants, it's time to start thinking vertically. Wall-mounted pots and vases turn your plants into living wall art, and let you re-write the ecosystem of your room. Scroll on for some of our favorite wall planters (and let us help you buy the plants online to fill these pots, too.)

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Geoform Wall Planter

Bright, glazed stoneware planters will be a cheery addition to your wall.

$22, Anthropologie

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Leather-Latched Wall Planter

Matte porcelain and leather make for a simple, natural pairing.

$58, Anthropologie

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coco gold wall pocket

Never met a plant or a piece of gold decor that we didn't like.

$9.95, CB2

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T.J. Maxx
Wood Framed Air Planter

The twine and weathered gray wood make a perfect display for your air plants.

$10, T.J. Maxx

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Square Wire Wall Planter

Square frame + circle planter = a fun way to play with shapes in your home.

$38, Houzz

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West Elm
Ceramic Wallscape Planter

Create a modern wallscape with these ceramic wall planters.

$19, West Elm

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Mid Century Palm Springs-Style Metal Wall Planter

A bright wall planter for the mid-century modern lover.

$59, Chairish

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You can be a rebel and not put a cactus in this wall planter. We won't judge.

$50, Jungalow

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We like our ducks — and our plants — all neatly in a row.

$80, Jungalow

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Trigg Wall Vessels

We never say no to diamonds, whether they come as rings or gold wall planters.

$20.99 for 2, Macy's

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Home Depot
Coral Ceramic Wall Planter

Pink wall planters and green plants are a color combo made in design heaven.

$49.50 for 3, Arcadia Garden Products

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World Market
Large Half Circle Galvanized Metal Wall Planter

For those in search of a more rustic look.

$24.99, World Market

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abc home
Hanging growhouse

With this growhouse — a greenhouse with a growlight — you can mount to your wall to grow plants even if the darkest apartment.

$150, Modern Sprout

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Copper Half Round Wall Planter

A hammered copper planter looks both elegant and industrial.

$69.95, Williams-Sonoma

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Home Depot
Mint Ceramic Wall Planter

Grow mint in your mint wall planters.

$49.50 for 3, Arcadia Garden Products

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Crate & Barrel
4 Box Wall Mounted Planter

An architectural planter in black-coated steel adds a contemporary touch to a home or garden.

$119, Crate & Barrel

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Dimple Ceramic Rectangular Wall Vases

These white Portuguese ceramic vases are stamped in a dimpled pattern that helps add texture to a space.

$97.50, Candelabra

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Rectangular Wicker Wall Planter

A wicker wall planter is a perfect for a beach house garden.

$21.24, Target

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Pottery Barn
Athems Wall Planter

These wall planters are handmade of red clay and coated in water sealant.

$29.50, Pottery Barn

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Købenler Hanging Wall Pot

This curved pot is made from Italian Galestro clay that will develop a patina over time.

$41.95, Terrain

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