The 10 Best Children's Chairs

Because adults shouldn't get to have all the fun.


Once upon a time, finding stylish seating for tots seemed like a fairy-tale quest, but a more design-conscious generation has spurred a baby boom in furnishings, resulting in myriad models to suit any taste.

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Photographer: William A. Boyd Jr.

Offered in a range of candylike shades, this ghost chair works equally well for boys or girls, and will be a hit with the design junkie parents.


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Photographer: William A. Boyd Jr.

This museum-worthy design icon has a sculptural allure. Plus, it is available in a variety of splashy colors and can be easily stacked for storage.


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Metal Play Chair

A sleek metal surface means easy cleanup for messes and spills.


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Photographer: William A. Boyd Jr.

Reminiscent of Donald Judd, this artful design makes a sophisticated statement.


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Photographer: William A. Boyd Jr.

Extremely lightweight yet stable with an easy-to-clean finish, this utilitarian chair will endure lots of wear and tear.


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The perfect spot to rest when the little ones get petered out.


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Tucker Chair

The classic Windsor gets downsized in this modern, bright take.


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Paint-Dipped French Café Chair

Michael Thonet's Bentwood Chair gets an update with a playful paint-dipped finish.


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Upholstered in a soft velvet, this tub chair is a cozy choice for bedrooms.


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The streamlined silhouette's industrial mien makes this the perfect chair for the modernist. The paint is stain-resistant, and angled legs make it difficult to tip over.


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